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A deposit of at least $150 is required to book events. The fee is refundable if: the event is not cancelled, there is no damage to the facility, furnishings, or equipment, and the facility is cleaned (no glitter, confetti, trash, uncleaned spills, no tape on walls, trash outside, tables/chairs, counters, and kitchen cleaned. Floors must be swept/swiffered and cleaned.) There are no refunds of the deposit if the event is cancelled. One rescheduling may be approved if available within 90 days of the original date.

Customer accepts responsibility for any damage to Omaha Wedding Chapel property. Customer agrees to assume complete responsibility for the premises and agrees to hold Omaha Wedding Chapel, Inclusive Life Center, and staff harmless for any liability arising during customer use of the premises.

Omaha Wedding Chapel is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

No tape, tacks, or glue are to be used on any surface.  No dance wax, confetti, or glitter.

No alcohol is allowed outside of the venue room. Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed in parking lot or in common areas outside of Omaha Wedding Chapel.  Any minor with alcohol will be asked to leave the property, and the event will be shut down, with no refund or credit, of any moneys and or deposits paid.

Smoking is not allowed in Omaha Wedding Chapel

Unless previously approved in writing,  all events must end by 11pm (last call at 10:30, music will stop at 11:30pm.)

In the event of a dispute, customer(s) agree that they will first notify Omaha Wedding Chapel in writing at (our mailing address is: Inclusive Life Center PO Box 31746 608 N Saddlecreek Road, Omaha, NE 68132-9998, sharing the details of dispute. If resolution is not reached the second step that customer(s) agree to is to bring in an independent arbitrator.  If further action is needed, all parties agree to; the court venue will be Douglas County Nebraska.

Customer is responsible to insure details on event order are correct.  Changes will not be acknowledged unless received and acknowledged by chapel staff.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

If the event must be shut down for safety, security, or violations of these terms, no refunds or credit will be given, for any amount of money paid.