Inclusive Life Center now 501c3

We are now a tax exempt charitable organization, YOUR donations are now tax deductable as allowed by law!  We are so grateful and happy for this change.  This really open some doors for us in terms of grants, funding, larger donations, and sponsorship items.

We have many thing to work on stragically, long term, and short term, and we will get them done one by one.  We have a dynamic board in place already, and they are ready to work!

HELP!  If YOU or someone you know may be able to match us with a corporation donation match program OR corporate grant for the work we do, please contact me right away: 402-909-1668 Text, or email, or the office at 402-575-7006

The organizational purpose of the Inclusive Life Center is to provide care and services to all, regardless of religious or nonreligious beliefs; address the needs of those underserved, and those who may not have access to needed assistance; promote peace, compassion, and mutual understanding among others through programming, advocacy, outreach, and support; and to operate such programs, entities, and activities.

Inclusive Life Center
1941 S 42nd Street, Suite 124 Omaha, NE 68105
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