Jean-Paul Cushing and Jeff Lulf November 5th, 2016

Jean-Paul Cushing and Jeff Lulf November 5th, 2016

November 5th, Chaplain Royal shared an Inclusive Life Center Spirit Award with Jean-Paul Cushing and Jeff Lulf.  These two men have donated countless hours, many dollars, and a lot of sweet in helping make their community better, and help their friends.

As small business owners, they are provide outstanding services, and are most integral.  They both volunteered for Pride LONG before they became board members.  They have been long time supporters of the work that The Inclusive Life Center does, and we are better for it.  Thank you!



Congratulations Jean-Paul and Jeff.  Thank you for your spirit of service.  You make this a better world!

To learn more about how the Inclusive Life Center is connected in this community, please visit: www.InclusiveLife.Org/Community