Jay Brown, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign shared: “Everybody is a little stunned right now, we know there are several threats coming at us, and we spent many months warning voters about the anti-LGBTQ platform of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Now we’re confronted by that.”

The ACLU, HRC, Lambda Legal, and many other human rights and civil rights watch groups are keeping a close tab in the pulse of this new regime.

“I’ve received a number of emails and texts from couples slated to get married in the next 6-10 months who are concerned” says Rev. Royal Carleton, Chaplain at The Inclusive Life Center in Omaha.

“The LGBTQ Community has great cause for alarm, AND should be rest assured that there can really be no immediate changes, nothing can happen over night.”

Chaplain Royal reminds same sex couples scheduling a wedding in 2016-2017 that you should be safe, since it would require the case to go before the Supreme Court of the United States. “Beyond 2017, we will wait and see, let us remain vigilant and remember our work didn’t end in June of 2015, and it isn’t over now!”

The Inclusive Life Center and Chapel is often available for same day elopement style ceremonies and even a legal “sign and go” service.

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