Hi everyone. I am sending out some love to you all, yes you, yes-EVERYONE! HUG!

A few of you know me on a very personal and deep level. For many years, I have felt that I was born during the wrong era. I felt that I should have been born soon enough to be a part of this countries civil rights movement.

Given the current state of this country, I was born exactly when I needed to be born. We are adding another important chapter of civil rights work in the US.

To my family, friends, community “who have been there and done that”, “I did that 20-30-40-50 years ago”, “I don’t get involved”… well now is that time.

I share my friend Pat’s thoughts about the safety pin project… Please do not wear the pin to make you feel good, or to look like you are part of a fad, or it just looks cool. Wearing that pin, and keeping extras to hand out when you are asked why you have it on, means that you will be a voice when someone has none. You will be a refuge for others when hate is in their face. You will do what it takes to stand up, speak up, and say no to bullying, hatred, racism, and things that make it an unsafe environment for others.

Get up, yep, off the sofa, out of the chair, off the phone, and off your ass. The time is upon us to watch over our youth, each other, and those who we may consider to be “the other.”

We have a lot of work to do, TOGETHER. A LOT! It won’t be fun, easy, or short lived. This is long term work, to address needed changes with many systemic issues.

Egos, leave them at home. Been there done that, we are going to try again, now. I can’t work with… we will go on with or without you. No excuses. This is all hands on deck. We need heart. We need soul. We need love. We need energy. We need compassion. We need tough love. We need understanding. We need truth. We need justice. We need radical hospitality. We need to put human back in humanity.

I need you. You need me. I love you. I need you to survive. I am sharing a special communion service at the First Unitarian Church on Dec. 11th at 10:30am. I do hope you will join me for a communion service like you have never seen before. It will welcome, include, and will be safe for everyone. It is designed to each of us feed the other person, what they may be hungry for.

I am Chaplain Royal D Carleton, and I am here for you.