Greetings from Chaplain Royal and the Inclusive Life Center!  I hope this note finds you well.  I am sitting in my office right now listening to holiday music, working to prepare for upcoming meetings.  As many of us will be traveling in the coming days, and weeks I hope our travels are safe, good, and filled with all that we need.

I reflect upon when I had finished my studies and began the paperwork to incorporate Inclusive Life.  My first ceremony that officiated was in 2009.  We incorporated in 2010, when I our office was at 49th and Douglas in Omaha, a small one room large enough for a desk, a file cabinet and three chairs.  We eventually moved to the Leavenworth offices, to a much larger space.  In January of 2016 we moved to The Center Mall.  After a great deal of effort the decision was reached that we can simply no longer afford to maintain our office space and chapel space, which costs around $2,500 a month.  We are searching for affordable space right now, the prospects look good and finding a fit for a least half the cost!

As Jonny and I prepare to travel to New England for Christmas with family, we very much send a note of thanks and of gratitude for those who have helped Inclusive Life Center share so many great gifts to our community.  It is YOU that breath life into the important work that we continue to do, AND remain committed to do!

Happy Holidays to each of you.  May peace, love, understanding, and compassion be with you and FROM YOU!