Free Same Sex Weddings

I have had many emails, phone calls, messages, and texts from same sex couples asking if they should get married before the President Elect Takes office.  In short, the answer is no.  Marriage Equality will stand, for now, and will not be affected anytime soon.  HOWEVER, those whom the President Elect has announced he will be having on his team, include many who have made it clear that same sex marriage is not ok, and they will do what they can to influence policy and law to limit equality and progress for the LGBTQ+ community.  In addition, this President Elect will be naming over 400 judges, including to the SCOUS!

I have been been an advocate, activist, and leader in this community, and will do everything in my power to continue those efforts INCLUDING offering my community (one that has been oppressed and discriminated against for years) support when they feel threatened, not safe, and not secure. 

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Chaplain Royal