“Those things that hurt, instruct.” Benjamin Franklin

How many of us remember the cartoon School House Rock, that taught us and reminded us of the patriotic wisdom of our founders? Now as adults, we probably have realized that the people who founded this country suffered considerable loss.

Benjamin Franklin himself lost his first common-law wife, Deborah, as well as his 4-year old daughter, Francis. True to his nature, Benjamin found purpose in grief. To him, hurtful things like loss of a loved one; were educational, enlightening, and ultimately made you a better person.

Grief of loss does go beyond a loss of life. It could be a job, loss of income, a pet, a relationship, something else of great value. And no ones loss, is more important, or less important than someone else’s loss.

Finding meaning in loss is important. Have you? Can you? I will share the the losses I have experienced myself have helped me frame the value and importance I have for those whom I surround myself with.

Everyone grieves in their own way. And that is okay! Your grief my change during seasons, weather, trips, words, musics, and simply in time. And I never tell people that time will heal it all. Some grief simply must be carried.

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