Giving Something Up

For many Christians, around the world, the season of Lent is observed. Lent, is a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday, and ends approximately six weeks later, before Easter Sunday. For those whom will observe Lent, Ash Wednesday could be an opportunity to re-calibrate, re-commit, and re-engage oneself to be the best you possible.

Writer Paul Elie wrote, Transmuting My Righteous Anger into Understanding: “So I’ll try to give up anger for Lent. OK, but what might giving up anger mean? Does our anger make us stalwart opponents, principled and committed to a long fight for what is right? Or does it make us prisoners of anger, co-dependents of the angry people we set ourselves against?”

“Today’s individuals are directly exposed to the shocks of globalization, in an age of accelerating competition on uneven playing fields, where it is easy to feel there is no such thing as either society or the state, there is only the war of all against all… The result is, ‘a tremendous increase in mutual hatred and a somewhat universal irritability of everybody against everybody’…”

We need to examine our own role in the culture that stokes unappeasable vanity and shallow narcissism. We not only need to interpret, in order to make the future less grim, a world bereft of moral certitudes and metaphysical guarantees. Above all, we need to reflect more penetratingly on our complicity in increasingly everyday forms of violence and dispossession, and our callousness before the spectacle of suffering.

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