David Green recently reported from Chechnya (click here for story) and how Police there, have been reportedly cracking down on gay men.  This story, and reports from other new organizations, websites, and blogs detail and give accounting’s of beatings, harassment, and in some cases deaths.

As so many of  “safe” folks in the US, celebrate Pride in the month of June, I felt this story was important to share.  Let it serve as a reminder that around the world, who you love can cost you life, liberty, freedom, family, and safety.

For some in the US, being oppressed by religious bullies, religious dogma, and some elected officials, affect their quality of life, the pursuit of freedom, and the seat and equity at the table of life.

WE have much work to do!

WE must continue to raise our voices, our hands, and our influence to create change EVERYWHERE!

Until we ALL are safe, no one is safe.

As you travel, as you attend pride events, as you live life, remember each day someone is being beaten, or killed, or harmed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  What are you doing to help make it a safer world for you, your friends, family, and our children?

Chaplain Royal