Omaha Wedding Chapel

Are you planning an epic event, meeting, life ritual, or ceremony? Booking an event space for a small gathering can be very challenging. If you are planning an event, it is very important to consider the facility that the venue has to offer and how well those features fit your needs. If you need an impressive small event space that can cater for up to 50-60 guests, then Omaha wedding chapel should be your first choice!

Omaha wedding chapel is a multi-purpose venue with an artistic twist to ideally host those gatherings with friends, group meetings, business dinners or other private events. Located in Omaha, at 96th and J, this venue is laid out in a simple style, enabling your event to take the focus. From hosting cocktail parties, to luncheons, workshops, we offer a personalized service and the needed basic amenities to make your event a successful and memorable one.

Our beautifully maintained event venue is also perfect for both classic and traditional couple that wants to host an intimate affair. Our facilities include chairs, tables, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth speakers, among many others.

One of the several things that make us stand out is the fact that we allow guests to bring in their own food and beverage, and have a full kitchen. We also have the choice of having our staff members help out with any of your event needs.

How we are unique?
• We allow you to bring your own food and beverage
• Our pricing is affordable compared to larger venues
• We do not charge extra for chair or table usage
• We offer inclusive pricing

The Omaha Wedding Chapel includes, welcomes, and serves everyone, without exception. With Omaha wedding chapel, you will definitely experience event services that are aim to accommodate and anticipate your needs for a flawless event. For details about our venue rental services, please contact visit our website:

Omaha Wedding Chapel