These are my words about my life, I’m not representing anyone other than me, myself, and I.

Ive not been sexually harassed.
I’ve never had the freedom of my reproductive organs voted on by the public, or mainly the opposite sex. 
Ive not been profiled or stopped because the color of my skin.
I’m not followed in stores by store security
Ive never been afraid to speak my mind loudly in public.
I am not afraid to challenge authority, or say no!
I’m not afraid of being openly gay
Ive not been the end of a joke because of my hair color, skin color, sex, or body parts.
I don’t worry about healthcare, clean water, food, clothing, or shelter.
I do not live in fear or fear for my life for practicing my faith traditions and beliefs.
Ive never had to ask friends or family, who got out alive?

On the worst days of my life, I STILL have it better than more than 90% of the world. I DO have privilege, we ALL have some form of it.

How we use our privilege to leverage change to create equity for others, speaks to who we really are as human beings.

And, if you are going to proclaim loving others, helping others, bringing no harm to others conflicts with your faith belief, or religion… understand this: you don’t need religion to know right from wrong, to love, to teach peace and inclusion, or to help.