Hi.  I am Chaplain Royal.  Over the years The Inclusive Life Center has provided outreach to many different segments of our community, including those without houses or permanent homes, and those on the street.  Today our Street Outreach program has provided over 860 meals since May of 2018 alone.

I would like to share with you the last two Sundays…  Last Sunday, it was a typical Nebraska summer day, I believe around 90 or so.  Many whom we hand our bagged lunches to, understand that they are good bagged lunches!  They include a cold bottle of water, a cold juice pack, and a cold fruit cup, along with a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a granola bar.  Last week all 50 of our lunches were given out in under 5 minutes AND we had a lot of people asking if we had any more, or of we would be bringing more later.  Sadly, we would not.

Today, August 19th, it is raining, and the weather is about 70 degrees and the bagged lunches went as quick today as they did last week.  We could have given 100 out today easily!  A donation of $150 a month could allow us to provide 100 meals a week, about $40 a week.

We are working to find funding to do just that.  Our donations of cash and food go 100% directly to provide meals.  We are 501c3.

If you would like to help please contact Chaplain Royal at

Bagged Lunch Sundays

Here is our WEEKLY list from Sams, for 100 meals!!!

Applesauce 45 count box Item#980005810 $9.97 3 $29.91
Bread 2 Pack Item#86478 $2.98 6 $17.88
Capri Juice 40 count box Item#847188 $6.98 3 $20.94
Chips 50 count box Item#386438 $12.72 2 $25.44
Granola Bars 60 count box Item#980038253 $8.98 2 $17.96
Grape Jelly 2 30oz jars Item#913912 $3.78 2 $7.56
Peanut Butter 6 pound container Item#915643 $9.98 2 $19.96