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It Takes A Village

“I need you. You need me. I won’t harm you with words from my mouth. I love you. I need you to survive…” Our world is so hungry for the truth of these words. It does not matter your race, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, if you have children or a family, or not. What matters is that we all have a community, a place, a space to gather in, so we can work together, and to help each other get through life.

We are rich people, some even have money. We are runners, walkers, swimmers, and those that wish they did. We are people who sing out loud and proud, and some even sound good. We are people who are young, and young at heart.

You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing,” just woke up, just got out of jail, or just got lost, and found your way here by mistake. We don’t care if you’re more Catholic than the Pope Francis, or haven’t gathered in a community for weeks, months or years.

We welcome sport moms, NASCAR dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, and junk-food eaters. We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted. We welcome you if you’re having problems or you’re down in the dumps or if you don’t like organized religion, or who have had religion shoved down your throat.

If you blew all your cash at the dog track, you’re welcome here. We offer a special welcome to those who think the earth is flat, work too hard, don’t work, can’t spell, or because the grandparents are in town and needed to go to a church.

We welcome those who are inked, pierced or both. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a hug, or prayer right now (or both), we welcome tourists, seekers and doubters, and we welcome you. As you are.

Inclusive Life Fellowship

Inclusive Life does not offer a traditional weekly church service.  We are, however, always forming new Sacred Circle Groups, and try to have planned Fellowship activities on a regular basis.  Our outreach to the community includes our small groups: Sacred Circles, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and the Blessing Bag Project for our Omaha area homeless youth.

Inclusive Life Fellowship is a community of seekers who come together to celebrate life by nurturing each others spirit, mind, and body, and by honoring each persons definition of the Sacred, so that we as a community, are empowered to share our light with the world.

Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles ILC Fellowship

The Inclusive Life Fellowship team will soon begin our 2nd Sacred Circle Group!  The thought is these groups will meet for two hours every other week, using guided directions for each gathering, that will allow the group to journey together.

It is our experience, and belief that smaller groups work better for some people. Some people are lost in big crowds. If you have a “place” or group, or community that feeds your spirituality, that nurtures your soul, and that allows you to remain connected to what you feel/know as sacred, good for you.

If you don’t consider what it would be like to spend about two hours twice each month to gather with other like-minded people who are interested in a Sacred Circle. We hope to share the fullness, intimacy, and belonging in these smaller non-church groups.


It Takes A Village

We understand that, today, not everyone is connected to organized religion, or is a member of a church.  We know that many people live in many different ways, have many different beliefs, and gather in community in many different ways.  The inclusive Life Fellowship Circle simply provides a sanctuary the village to gather for an  hour of peace, love, compassion, and understanding.

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Outreach Donations!


Donations Stay Here!

Donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law.  They are put to good use, right here in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln metro areas.  We network with other nonprofits, outreach groups, and ministries that serve those in need.  Your donations of time, money, resources, and specific items helps us help others when they need it.

In addition, we collection loose change, and the straggling dollar bills at our fellowship.  We call that Coins For Compassion.  The funds are used to help others in need.  Everyone has a struggle at some point in their life.  We are here for you if you need help, or if you can give help.

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