The answers you share with me will be used to weave a story of where you two have been, where you are at, and where you are going.  If there is something I MUST NOT MENTION, please do not include it in your answers!  I promise I will not repeat anything that will make Grandma blush!  If I could have these at least 3 weeks prior to the rehearsal, that would be great AND you EACH will need to share your own answers.  Thank you! 🙂

Story of Love Questions

Your homework… If you choose this option, it works best to have these answers to me at least one month prior to the ceremony. Please. Do not share or talk about your answers with your partner! Again, I will not share anything in the story that would make Grandma blush… 😉 Try to be as open as possible. If you have private stories or words that you do not want shared, please do not share them with me. The more information I have, the more I will be able to paint a meaningful picture of who you are together! Thank you, Chaplain Royal