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Omaha Gives 2017 Inclusive Life Center

2017 Omaha Gives


Inclusive Life Center meets people where they are, includes people, and offers services to all without exception: regardless of who they are, where they are from, who they love, or what they believe, or do not believe. And that our presence will have increased peace, love, understanding, and compassion in our communities.


What Is The Inclusive Life Center?
• Founded in 2009, and Incorporated as a nonprofit in 2010.
• Our goal is to be a resource for individuals, couples, and families who need religious and non-religious care and services.
• Services Include: officiating weddings, funerals, baptisms, welcoming ceremonies, blessing, fellowship services, grief coaching, premarital assessment, and coaching.
• Programs include outreach to oppressed communities, and their unmet needs.

Our Connections in The Community
• We co-sponsor TDoR Omaha (Transgender Day of Remembrance.)
• We co-sponsor and produce an annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner that feeds at least 100 people each year.
• Sponsor Blessing Bag Day annually, building 100 personal needs bags for those in need.
• Co-sponsors and facilitates various community vigils.
• Over 175 boxed lunches have been distributed to those in need, a monthly effort.
• In 2016 served over 150 meals to Heartland Pride Festival Volunteers.
• We have shared over $400 in Kiva microloans to individuals and families in need.
• Our “Spirit Awards” recognize those doing good work in our community.

Our Funding Sources
• We rent our chapel space for meetings and as an event venue.
• 501(c)3 Tax Deductible Donations.
• Donations and matched giving programs.
• Omaha Gives 2017!


We began a weekly service that includes a meal, often feeding individuals who are in need of a meal and place to rest.

We are networking with other local groups to offer meals to homeless youth on Sundays (a day that often does not have a lot of meal sources)

Our new location at 96th and J offers a larger space to hold events, with a full kitchen.

The 2018 goal is to begin a capital campaign that will lead to us purchasing our own building in 2019

Your help can’t wait!

We need you!

Help us,  help others.  Now.