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Inclusive Life Center FAST FACTS

105 S 49th St

Our first office was at the Hilltop House Offices at 49th and Douglas.  We opened that office in March of 2010.  Our first room was on the main floor.  We later moved upstairs (with windows) where we remained until we moved in September of 2012.

42nd & Center

Our third office and FIRST Chapel area, was at The Center Mall at 42nd and Center.  We opened that office in February of 2016.  We had two separate spaces in the building.  Our chapel was on the third floor, with an outside entrance.  Our offices were on the lower level, a 3 room suite.  We did our best to make this location work.  Financially, it was not sustainable.  It was in February of 2017 that we moved.

37th & Leavenworth

Our second office was at 3622 Leavenworth Street.  We opened in September of 2012.  The space was for the most part gutted and rebuilt, thanks the generosity of Top to Bottom Renovations (Jean-Paul and Jeff.)  The Rainbow Outreach Center partnered with us for space.  That worked well until the center closed.  We shared space with other organizations until we moved in February of 2016.

96th & J

Our forth location is at 96th and J Streets.  We opened that office in February of 2017.  This location allowed us to save a great deal of money, housed office, chapel, and is equipped with a full kitchen.  Again, do the the generosity of many people, this location came to be.  The Big Omaha Bears helped us move.  Top to Bottom Renovations (Jean-Paul and Jeff) helped with the flooring and many other projects.  We are considering a capital campaign to purchase our own building in 2019.

Our Story

Sam called.  He told us about his father, he was a great man.  His father worked hard and long hours all his life.  His father had plowed the parking lot, and shoveled the sidewalks of the church across the street from their house for years.  When Sam’s dad took ill, Sam kept it up.  When his father passed, he met with the church to have them conduct and officiate the funeral service. They told him that since his father, or his family were not members, the church could not help.

Bethany was born and raised in Council Bluffs.  She moved to Texas for a job.  She met Bill, and fell in love, and got married there.  She was aware that he had two daughters from a previous marriage, and she was excited they would soon have a child of their own.  They moved back to Council Bluffs to be with family, and she gave birth to her daughter in the same hospital she was born in.  Her and her husband had been attending the same church her family had for 3 generations.  When they wanted to Baptize their child, they met with the pastor.  It was revealed that Bill was Catholic, the pastor shared that Bill would have to renounce his Catholic faith to join their church, so that the pastor could approve their membership and then Baptize their child.  Bill did not want to renounce his Catholic faith until his daughters were married, so he could have be involved with rituals with them.  The pastor said he could not help.

Luke and Amy wanted to get married.  Amy was excited to meet with their church pastor to introduce Luke, who was serving in the armed forces.  During the interview when the pastor realized that Luke had not been baptized, and did not consider himself Christian, the pastor separated them. The pastor encouraged Luke to become Christian.  Luke explained that he did not want to be tied to organized religion, and that he connected with nature and the earth.  The pastor then went to Amy and told her that he could not help them since Luke would not convert, and that if they did get married, their marriage would not last.

Chaplain Royal Inclusivelife.org

Chaplain Royal Inclusivelife.org

Hi, I am Chaplain Royal.  I met with Sam’s family, and officiated a service that honored Sam’s father, and their family.  They were most grateful.  I met met with Bethany and Bill, and officiated the Baptism for their daughter.  And, I met with Luke and Amy.  With some a premarital assessment, and coaching, they went on to enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony.

I founded the Inclusive Life Center to do the work that other organizations, churches, and pastors are not equipped to do: Serve all without exception, love people as they are, meet people where they are at, and not worry about what their their beliefs are.

We are now 7 years into building a Inclusive Life Center that responds to the needs of the people, the community, and those in need.

I know that you are not alone.  No matter who you are, where you are from, who you love, or what you believe: you are beautiful, loved, and worthy.  Just as you are.  We serve all without exception!


We love people, and want to meet them where they are.  The world gets better each day when we spend more time loving and less time judging.  Our help can’t wait.  Everyday, someone needs help to navigate life, especially when their is a crisis.  We receive referrals from funeral homes, hospice care centers, nursing homes, members of the community, those whom we have served before to provide services.

Our services include: officiating wedding ceremonies, life celebrations and funerals, couples assessments and coaching, grief coaching, and officiating Baptisms, blessings, and welcoming ceremonies.  Our care includes: hospital visits, hospice visits, and visits to those incarcerated.

The fees that we receive from our services are used to fund outreach in our community and beyond, such as: TDoR (Transgender Day of Remembrance), Iris Phoenix Scholarship, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, monthly boxed lunches, monthly Fellowship, Kiva Micro Loans, Blessing Bag Day, Annual Clothing Drive for Siena Francis House, and Spirit Recognition Awards.

Each connection, each person we provide service for, and those we provide care to are connected in the tapestry of life, no matter who they are. And they are reminded that they are beautiful, loved, and worthy.  Just as they are.  Because: words matter, people matter, and love matters!


Inclusive Life Center welcomes, serves, includes, and meets people where they are; by providing care, services, fellowship, and outreach to all without exception; regardless of who they are, where they are from, who they love, or what they believe.  It is our hope that presence will have increased peace, love, understanding, and compassion in our communities and in the lives of others.


2016 Fast Facts


What Is The Inclusive Life Center?
• Founded in 2009, and Incorporated as a non profit in 2010.
• Our goal is to be a resource for individuals, couples, and families who need religious and non-religious care and services.
• Services Include: officiating weddings, funerals, baptisms, welcoming ceremonies, blessing, fellowship services, grief coaching, premarital assessment, and coaching.
• Programs include outreach to oppressed communities, and their unmet needs.

Our Connections in The Community
• We sponsor and co-produce TDoR (Transgender Day of Remembrance.)
• We co-sponsor and produce an annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner that feeds at least 100 people each year.
• Sponsor Blessing Bag Day annually, building 100 personal needs bags for those in need.
• Co-sponsors and facilitates various community vigils.
• Over 175 boxed lunches have been distributed to those in need, a monthly effort.
• In 2016 served over 150 meals to Heartland Pride Festival Volunteers.

Our Funding Sources
• We rent our chapel space for meetings and as an event venue.
• 501(c)3 Tax Deductible Donations.
• Donations and matched giving programs.

Where there is love, there is life!

Mahatma Gandhi

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our prime purpose in life is to help others and if you can’t help them, at least do not hurt them.

Dalai Lama

You are beautiful, loved, and worthy, just as you are

Chaplain Royal