It Takes A Village

It certainly takes a village, each person contributing to the greater good for all.  Inclusive Life could not be what it has become, or do what it does with just one person.  It takes a village!  We need help, we need you!  There is plenty of work to do.  If you are interested in helping, please connected with Chaplain Royal, or anyone on our leadership teams.

Board of Directors


Royal Carleton

Vice Moderator






At Large

Vince Percy

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Jonathan Carleton

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At Large


*Founding Members.  Updated as of 1/29/2019

Street Outreach Ministry

Chaplain Royal Carleton
Rev. Chris Rosso
Bishop Kenith Williams


4501 S. 96th Street
Omaha, NE 68127
Office/Voice Mail 402-575-7006
Text Message (402) 909-1668


Rev. Royal Carleton, Chaplain

Rev. Royal D. Carleton
Rev. Royal D. CarletonChaplain. Moderator of the Board. Speaker.
A typical work day starts by checking emails, messages, and the phone. I then organize who I need to visit, my appointments, and the errands I need to get done. My visits may include going to a correction center, nursing home, or hospital. My appointments are at the Inclusive Life Center. .

As I Chaplain, I serve all without exception, some are non-religious, some are Christian, and many others have connections to other faith beliefs and traditions. I may say the Lords Prayer in one moment, encouraging non prayerful words in the next, or praying in one of the many names found in world religions. I get to meet people where they are, and love them as they are, without trying to change their beliefs, or thoughts about spirituality, religion, or faith.

Provide pastoral care to all without exception, by meeting them where they are. I do not proselytize, I love people as they are. I speak locally, regionally, and nationally on LBGTQ+ inclusion and civility. I fiercely advocate for others and an proud of being an activist for those without a voice, space, or presence.

You are not alone. No matter who you are, where you are from, who you love, or what you believe… you are beautiful, loved, and worthy, just as you are.

Bishop Kenith Williams, KOHOM

Bishop Kenith Williams
Bishop Kenith WilliamsStreet Outreach Ministry Partner
Born, and raised in Omaha, Bishop Williams has worked, struggled, and now lives life in this great city. His struggle in life began when he was born, with Spinal Meningitis.

He struggled with learning, and spent most of his time in special education classes. He left home around age 14, and began living on the streets. He went on to live life on the street, where he lied, stole, begged, and used drugs for the next 25 years of his life.

Finally, in November of 2011, he found the light. A light that lead him from a pathway of destruction. This light lead him to his relationship with Christ. It was around this time that he knew his purpose on earth was to “let his light shine.”

Letting his light shine is what he has been doing since 2012, by helping people have a second chance at life. His outreach ministry is to those who are homeless, living on the streets, and simply those in need.

His ministry includes a weekly worship service, pantries, clothing, and housing. In 2017 Kingdom of Heaven Outreach Ministries opened their first, of three “God House’s” which offers transitional housing housing. He is a Street Outreach Ministry partner with us, and we are proud to work with him.