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Everyone needs help sometime.  Below are community resources available to the communjity for those in need.  These lists do not include every resources available: it does contain the ones we are aware of.  It is our gift to help you.  If you have a suggestion or updates; please email

Greater Omaha Area

Omaha Community Resources Pantries, Clothing, Rent Assistance, Grief, Churches, Energy Assistance, Mental Health

LGBTQ Open, Affirming, Welcoming Churches Open and affirming churches welcoming the LGBTQ+ Communities

Find an AA Meeting in Omaha AA Meetings in the Omaha Metro area


Chaplain Royal officiates weddings, and will conduct pastoral clergy visits, in most area and regional facilities with advanced notice.  He is approved with the State of Nebraska Dept. of Corrections, and the Pottawattamie County Jail in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

National Resources


Chaplain Royal will officiate a legal wedding ceremony at no charge for couples when one ore more are hospitalized, and/or in hospice.