Sacred Circles

UPDATE: New group forming now.  Will begin meeting on the 2nd Wednesday’s each month, starting 3/14/18 at 6:00pm  Please complete the form below to sign up!  No charge to join a Sacred Circle, just the cost of the book.

Listening. Sacred. Circle. Community.
Sharing. Trusting. Growing. Learning.

These are the words that I use to describe the last month I have spent with 4 other incredible people. We have shared deeply. We have listened deeply. We have intentionally shared sacred moments together in community. We have trusted one another, and perhaps ourselves, too!

The Inclusive Life Fellowship team will soon begin our 2nd Sacred Circle Group. The thought is these groups will meet for two hours every other week, using guided directions for each gathering, that will allow the group to journey together.

It is our experience, and belief that smaller groups work better for some people. Some people are lost in big crowds. If you have a “place” or group, or community that feeds your spirituality, that nurtures your soul, and that allows you to remain connected to what you feel/know as sacred, good for you.

If you don’t consider what it would be like to spend about two hours twice each month to gather with other people who are interested in a Sacred Circle, regardless of what you believe or what you do not beleive. We hope to share the fullness, intimacy, and belonging in these smaller non-church groups.

If you would like to learn more, email or message me. We will help start new groups when there are at least 5 are ready to gather (we like to keep them less than 10.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why be a part of a small group or Sacred Circle?
A. Small groups offer greater intimacy, some may say a safer environment to connect with others, in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Q. Is this just another church or ministry group?
A. No. It is not church. It is not a ministry group. It does not include dogma, or require anyone to belong to any church. It is a simply a small group of like-minded people, gathering in a smaller group, using guided directions for each gathering to help the group move along.

Q. What is the size of each group?
A. 6 is a great number, and some groups may have 8-10. Ideally each group will be under 10, and it will be up to each group to be flexible.

Q. What is the cost and commitment?
A. There is no cost to participate. There is a book we will use that runs around $14. Free will donations will be used to offset costs for those who need a book provided. The commitment is showing up every other week for about two hours. Each group will determine the meeting day and time.

Q. Where are these gatherings held?
A. Generally at the Inclusive Life Center (96th and J.) However, each group my end up choosing to meet at a location, day, and time of their choosing.

Sacred Circles will meet at the
Inclusive Live Center – Omaha Wedding Chapel
4501 S 96th Street (96th and J)
Omaha, NE 681127
(402) 575-7006

(Parking in rear, entrance in front)

    Our second group is forming now, we hope to begin in September. We are hoping that a third group will begin later this fall. Each group will meet twice a month for 7 months (a total of 14) Each gathering will last about 2 hours, or so.
    The book "Heart to Heart" is available on Amazon, about $15 with shipping. We will have copies available, and want to have enough on hand to meet the needs of each group.