1. This agreement constitutes an order for wedding officiant services.

2. On signing of this agreement by both parties hereto, and receipt of first payment, Omaha Officiant’s (Inclusive Life) will reserve the date and times agreed upon, and will provide an officiant to provide such services.

3. The fee for the services you selected is {{job.invoice | total}}. All payments are due on or before 21 days prior to your event date. Full payment OR the first payment is required to book, plan, or secure dates for ALL ceremonies and events. Checks may be sent to Inclusive Life Center 4501 S 96th Street Omaha, NE 68127.

4. Returned payments. Any payments (checks, bank drafts, money orders, credit/debit card, etc.) that are returned, will result in a fee being charged. The fee will be at least $25 plus the cost of any fees charged to us buy institutions. All fees for services must be paid in-full at least 21 days prior to ceremony/event date. Future payments must be made in cash or United States Post Office Money Orders.

5. Balances that are not paid in full 21 days prior to the ceremony may result in forfeiture of this agreement, may result in our staff not attending or providing service to ceremony or event, and WILL result in a late fee of $50 being added. Any fees, late charges must be paid online or cash.

6. Changes in dates, times, and or locations. ANY change in date, time OR location MUST be made via EMAIL and CONFIRMED BY BOTH PARTIES BY EMAIL (not text and not social media messenger.) Date and time changes made within 30 days of event will include a $50 change fee. Events changed within 7 days of the event will require a $100 change fee. These fees will need to be paid and received prior to the start of the ceremony. NOTE: In some cases we may not be able to accommodate changes. In that case a change fee will not be charged, the contract is forfeited. No credit or refund will be made of monies paid, and will inform you via email we will not be able to provide service.

7. All prices quoted are for Omaha and Council Bluffs travel. There will be a travel fee for travel outside Omaha and Council Bluffs travel for round trip time and mileage.

8. A specific portion of time has been allotted for each event we have been hired for, ceremonies, rehearsals and other events must start as scheduled. In the event that delays occur that are of no fault of the officiant, a $75 (seventy five dollar) charge will be charged and due for events beginning 30 minutes late; and for each additional hour after that.

9. Everyone’s safety is important. In the event of any type of act of nature that involves inclement, dangerous, or severe weather; our staff will not travel or continue travel until it is safe. This could delay arrival or even being present for service. On a case by case basis we will determine how to proceed or reschedule. In the event that physical safety is a concern (fights, brawls, out of control guests, etc.) our staff is instructed to leave immediately, there will be absolutely no refunds, discounts, rescheduling, or credit given.

10. Packages 1, 2 and 3: If the event is cancelled 90 days prior to date, the total amount paid less $150 will be refunded. If the event is cancelled less than 90 days prior to the event, no refund will be available. One free rescheduling is allowed if new date is within six (6) months of the original date. There may be an additional charge if rescheduling results in extra costs for the officiant.

11. Events at our chapel: Sign and Go, Kiss and Go, Chapel Weddings, and Tying The Knot Packages require full payment to book and are non-refundable. A date change is possible within 90 days. Witness fees are non-refundable, and non-transferrable to another date.

12. The client agrees to share a review of Omaha Officiants using The Knot, or Wedding Wire (or both!) within thirty (30) days of the ceremony, and a photo from your photographer that includes the three of us.

13. Omaha Officiants will provide ministers/officiants that are locally ordained and licensed with Inclusive Life. Our staff will be authorized to officiate your event in the state it is occurring in. We may, at our discretion, use an assistant to perform rehearsal or participate in the rehearsal with us depending on size and nature of event. In the event of an emergency or sickness and the officiant/minister assigned is not available, Omaha Officiants will provide a replacement who is prepared for your event.

14. The couple is responsible for insuring they have two witnesses to sign the marriage license. Omaha Officiants can often provide them for a fee, with advance notice. Obtaining the marriage license is the responsibility of the couple getting married. The license should be applied for in the state in which the event will take place. In Iowa, the license requires 3 FULL DAYS BEFORE license is available. In Nebraska, there is no waiting period. We suggest that you apply for and receive your marriage license at least three full weeks in advance. For out of town couples having an event in Iowa; we are available to pick them up for you, at no additional charge if prior arrangements are made.

15. If there is a complaint or problem all parties agree that we will FIRST notify one other in writing (our mailing address is: Omaha Officiants 4501 S. 96th Street Omaha, NE 68127 sharing the details of complaint or problem. If resolution is not reached all parties agree to is to bring in an independent arbitrator. If further action is needed, all parties agree to that the court venue will be Douglas County Nebraska.

16. No changes will be acknowledged unless done so in writing and signed by all parties involved. These terms are subject to change with or without notice.